Built: 1847

Case Studies

History: On a drizzly Sunday morning a few enthusiastic individuals arrived at East Rock House, in St Julians Street, Tenby, to erect the first of the 12 Heritage Plaques commissioned by the environment and heritage group of Tenby 2020.

Mrs Joyce Mawdsley, the house owner, explained that Admiral Lord Nelson, Sir William and Emma Hamilton had stayed at East Rock House in 1802 while visiting Sir Williams dockyard development at Milford Haven.

The plaque which shows a small bust of Nelson along with some text was sponsored by Mrs Mawdsley in memory of her late husband Frank.

The environment and heritage group of Tenby 2020 launched the Heritage Plaque project nearly two years ago. It turned out to be a project that was far more complicated and fraught with problems than really could have been envisaged.

Undertaken 2011:

Forge repairs to listed entrance gates & flyover. Re-build of 2 stone entrance piers & associated masonry walls, repair & refit pier caps.

Managed by Andrew Bellis c/o NFU Mutual