GRADE II Listed Norman Church

Location: Llandaf
Built: 11th Centuary

Case Studies

History: Ancient Welsh churches are generally dedicated to the memory of their founders and our Parish Church dedication is unique in that it is related to a Saint who was born and spent his early years in the Parish. St. Catwg (A.D. 500 – 570) was the eldest son of Gwynlliw and Gwladys, ruler of a large tract of land centred on Gelligaer who leaving their residence in their declining years, separated in monastic fashion Gwynlliw to live at Newport on the site of what was to become St. Woolos Cathedral and Gwladys on the site of a Chapel near Gelligaer which was to be named after her.

Undertaken 2011: The Works involved the renewal of existing lighting and small power installations to all areas of the Church.

Managed by Steven Knott, Ferrier Partnership Chartered Surveyors